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Created Life Strategies

Hello, Your Dreams Are Waiting

Does this sound anything like you?

  • Have you been hurt in the past so you play it safe in new situations?
  • Has there been a breakdown with someone you trust?
  • Has the bottom fallen out from under you and you don’t know which way is up?
  • Are you afraid to fully be engaged with your life and others?


It is possible to change the way we relate to the things that have caused us pain in the past; that break in trust that has been such a deep wound. But we need the right person to guide us through it or it won’t happen.

You can recover from the pain and leftover effects of having been betrayed by yourself, but it is easier and faster to do it in a safe environment with someone who knows how it feels to have trust violated and holds your Trust as a sacred charter, knows what it takes to resolve issues and knows what pitfalls can be waiting. Then you can let down your guard, relax your vigilance and take the time and space you need to heal, nourish, and begin anew.

That being said, there is also a case to be made from starting from wherever you are now. Everyone you have ever had any interaction with that has given you any pause or insight into yourself, EVERYTHING that has ever happened in your life has made you the person you are right now, right here. It’s all very well and good to want to go back and change what hurt you, challenged you or made you feel any way other than happy, but life moves forwards not backwards and you have to move with it. Just as I had to do when my life took a major hit in 1997, you have to take inventory, create your vision and get going!

If you are ready to reignite your dreams and embrace YOUR Created Life, I have programs and tools to help you do just that. There’s work to be done and if you’re not afraid to look under the rocks and in the dark places for answers, I’m your gal.

No drama allowed, no coddling. Living a Created Life is not easy. It takes courage, it takes guts and it takes work. This is a method that can help you do that.

Shed the blame and shame of betrayal. Stand up and be the bright light you were born to be. I refuse to believe there’s anything wrong with who you are or what you’ve done so far in your life; I believe there’s just more you haven’t thought of.

Your Life … Your Terms

Discover your strengths, let go of what you’ve always been and done, stop hesitating. Step up to living a powerful, passionate, life filled with possibility. All we have is Now, and Now, and NOW!

I’m not here to tell you what to do — I’m here to teach you to planifest your visions and dreams. Let’s find those dreams you’ve put aside and re-vision your lives, disconnect your Oughta Pilots and live your purpose, on your terms, with power, passion and possibility.

Let’s talk.



I’m DeBorah

I am a Life Docent. I’m here to be a tour guide and safety monitor as you walk through the hallways and spaces of your life.

 Been There Done That

In a lifetime of starting over again and again, I have become proficient at seeing the beauty in the shards of memory, the usefulness of the cutting edges of experiences and the value of letting go of the stories about “what happened to me”.

Suffering Is Overrated

I see people so invested in their suffering and their stories about what they say happened. It makes me crazy because I know they don’t have to suffer, and they certainly don’t need to believe the stories they made up for themselves! If they created stories that cause them suffering, they can create one that makes them happy.

I can show you a way to edit/recreate/rewrite the story you are limiting yourself with. Life doesn’t need to be hard and painful. It can be glorious and delicious! My work is a way out through the fire and into rebirth; out of the scary into the safe.

I am here to create the experience and embodiment of power, passion and possibility for people.

When you feel powerful, you act with more confidence, less fear and more joy. When you are passionate about your lives and your beloveds, you live with more energy, embracing those things you desire. When you are present to possibility, the sky is the limit and you are unstoppable in your pursuit of what you desire.

The 3 P’s of a Created Life

I help women who are frozen, fearing to engage, fearing to be themselves, step into their Power, rekindle their Passion and open themselves up to Possibility.

  • I teach Disappointed Dreamers to step into their own Power, reclaiming clarity, purpose and the ability to dream for themselves, set and enforce guidelines and boundaries and release the myths and stories they’ve told themselves about the past.
  • I help them fan the embers of ecstasy, rekindling Passion for living, dreaming and manifesting by teaching methods to realign themselves with their own visions and live Created Lives on their terms.
  • I allow them to open themselves to Possibility, providing the space to voice their vision and the support to pursue it.



"I have known DeBorah for roughly ten years now. DeBorah is very creative with lots of wonderful ideas. Although I've forgotten which of her books or articles I got the idea from, nevertheless, I used one of DeBorah's exercises to clear out a problem memory. Following her training, I was able to release and reframe that experience to make it a positive one."

John Aberle, Aberle Enterprises

I did some creative and brainstorming work with DeBorah and I can tell you she is a joy. Her energy is contagious and the ideas that popped from our few sessions will certainly help me to better serve my clients and make more money for them and for me! Get on the phone with her a nd see if you connect. Stay open to a world you never knew - she's getting channels the rest of us don't have on our dial.

Barry Friedman

I met DeBorah at a Master Trainer Camp several years ago. It was clear to me at that event that she was/is a master manifestor. I had a great opportunity to receive some of her wisdom regarding the development of my own business. She is spot on in her suggestions and I highly recommend her. You'll be amazed at her abilities to tap into exactly what you need

Janet Lee Halish, Gratitude Road, LLC

DeBorah has a very straightforward, no-nonsense approach to helping her clients truly live a life of their own creation. With a variety of skills and an eclectic mix of experiences, she has a very unique perspective! She's great at helping those who think around corners instead of just in a straight line. If you're tired of doing what you think you OUGHT to do, and are ready to start doing what you've dreamed of, give her a call.

Shannon Van Enger, Van Enger Virtual Services

Such a delight to discover my prominent colors aren't at all what I imagined! Yet the insights DeBorah shared during my 'Color By Number Analysis' reading were startlingly accurate...and enlightening!

Tom Masters 


The color reading I received from Deborah was right on. The reading verified what I have been feeling in my spirit, and offered insight to character aspects of myself I wasn't aware of. The explanation of colors and symptoms of unbalance were very eye opening to me. Deborah has such a warm, nurturing spirit and answers questions with such thoughtful insight that make you explore deeper within yourself. I was given an awesome packet and plan to keep this with me if I ever get discouraged.

Kelly Egilske LPC, Sage Warrior Healing


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