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Hello, Your Dreams Are Waiting

  • Are you the kind of person who has put your own dreams on hold while you help fulfill someone else’s?
  • Have you had enough and want it to be YOUR TURN?
  • Is your life happy and fulfilling for the most part, but lately you feel there’s just a little something missing?
  • Has the bottom fallen out from under you and you don’t know which way is up?
  • Are you feeling your life is a case of mind over matter? The world doesn’t mind and you don’t matter?
  • Have you recently been feeling your life just isn’t enough?
  • Are you living your life or somebody else’s?
  • Are you holding on to pain or a sense of failure that isn’t yours?

I work with all these scenarios. If you’re a Disappointed Dreamer, you know there’s work to be done and you’re not afraid to look under the rocks and in the dark places for answers, I’m your gal. No drama allowed, no coddling or making things disappear before they are resolved. Living a Created Life is not easy. It takes courage, it takes guts and it takes work. This is a method that will help you do that.

I believe it IS possible to walk your own path instead of one chosen for you that you’ve been taught you ought to follow. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with who you are or what you’ve done so far in your life; I believe there’s just more you haven’t thought of.

Discover your strengths, let go of what you’ve always been and done and step up to living a passionate, powerful life.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m here to teach you to planifest your visions and dreams. Let’s find those dreams you’ve put aside and re-vision your lives, disconnect your Oughta Pilots and live your purpose, on your terms, with power, passion and possibility.

Let’s talk.



I’m DeBorah

I am a coach/mentor/guide/teacher. Choose whatever title works for you. I am that person your parents warned you about. I’m dangerous! I take the concepts you’ve built your life upon and turn them upside down to see what under them. 

And you know what? It’s fun! 

I love looking into the boxes you’ve stuffed your secret dreams into, pulling out the contents, shaking them out and teaching them to DANCE!

I don’t fit into a box; never have, never will, but I understand they serve their purpose sometimes. Let’s see what’s in yours. 

Living A Created Life is not letting a “should” or an “ought to” be the one in charge. Running on Oughta Pilot is doing just that. Let me help you discover and disconnect yours so you can live your dreams with Power, Passion and Possibility.

The story of your life is one that can be revised, rewritten and renewed over and over again. You wrote the first one, you can do it again!


What I Do

One to One

I have several programs for 1:1 conversations; all within my Living A Created Life methodology. I customize my offerings to what you want/need and the issue to be resolved. My process works with personal as well as business issues.

We can talk more about that in our Personal Discovery Session if you choose to work with me.



I work with groups as well as one on one. The group setting allows for all members to share wisdom and interact. 

Ask me about them when we meet for your Personal Discovery Session.

There is also a plan for a private Mastermind Group starting in mid-August – watch this space!


Color Work

I have been working with color energy my whole life. I have found a system to refocus, renew and revitalize the color ray you were born within. 


"I have known DeBorah for roughly ten years now. DeBorah is very creative with lots of wonderful ideas. Although I've forgotten which of her books or articles I got the idea from, nevertheless, I used one of DeBorah's exercises to clear out a problem memory. Following her training, I was able to release and reframe that experience to make it a positive one."

John Aberle, Aberle Enterprises

I did some creative and brainstorming work with DeBorah and I can tell you she is a joy. Her energy is contagious and the ideas that popped from our few sessions will certainly help me to better serve my clients and make more money for them and for me! Get on the phone with her a nd see if you connect. Stay open to a world you never knew - she's getting channels the rest of us don't have on our dial.

Barry Friedman

I met DeBorah at a Master Trainer Camp several years ago. It was clear to me at that event that she was/is a master manifestor. I had a great opportunity to receive some of her wisdom regarding the development of my own business. She is spot on in her suggestions and I highly recommend her. You'll be amazed at her abilities to tap into exactly what you need

Janet Lee Halish, Gratitude Road, LLC

DeBorah Beatty is a highly intuitive coach who can see what’s holding you back and what can move you forward. She quickly got in sync with what I am about and was able to give me specific suggestions to improve my websites so that they more readily expressed what I wanted to convey to my audience. She also verified some changes I thought I should make in my presentation. She is delightful and easy to work with and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Jeanette Koczela, International Association of Professional Life Coaches


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