2022 ColorScope: A Year of Unfolding

by | Jan 4, 2022 | Color Energy

2022 is an Indigo Year, which means a year of exploration and discovery.

With Indigo, spiritual understanding continues to unfold. This is the place between, the unfolding, the unexplored. Mankind is only beginning to explore what the Indigo vibration represents and how to use it.

As Blue 2021’s function was to uplift the mind, Indigo offers a clearer perception of the reality of the life process. 2021 was a year of communication, beyond what had ever been before. Advances in technology have now made it possible to communication with spacecraft, telescopes, and even other planets in very near real time. Developments in video and telecommunications have made virtual interactions nearly as effective as in person contacts allowing for information sharing and team coordinated inventions on a level surpassing anything previously.

Beyond the physical

Indigo’s consciousness is focused upon realms beyond the physical manifestation since it better understand the duality of spirituality and materialism.  Rather than bringing energy to bear on outward manifestations of existence, Indigo employs a greater receptivity to increased inward perception. I believe we can look forward to our knowledge of the human body and its systems being elevated on a quantum scale. With all the development of things like digital twins, 5G, 6G, medical devices that no longer require blood draws for analysis, and more sophisticated analytical paradigms, 2022 will be a year of awe-inspiring discoveries. We are no longer limited to just physical reality. We can, because of technology advances, expand the hypothetical and our limited vision of reality.

Based on inherent understanding of the life process, Indigo often involves itself in idealistic and artistic pursuits as it responds to requests to transmit intuitive understanding to others.  Above all, Indigo seeks justice and fairness in all dealings.  Indigo is the mediator, the negotiator, for within is tolerance and recognition of the mire in which others allow themselves to live.

Driven to express the beauty it perceives, to Indigo, love is all-important.  Love is more than a need or a want, it is a foundation upon which Indigo’s very existence is built.  No promise is ever left unfulfilled.  As Indigo assists in freeing the rest of us from our inhibitions, it also seeks to broaden our horizons of knowledge, to teach, to educate, to make the basic processes of life easier to understand.

On the negative side

However, if ignored or patronized, when it manifests its negative attributes, instead of serving as the universal comforter, Indigo can decide to withdraw from the battle, and become the classic hermit.  We need to guard against dogmatic insistence, in only seeing one side of a story. Intolerance, cynicism and a total lack of empathy or understanding can be a real danger.



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