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Oughta Pilot Disconnector

Hello. I’m sure your wondering – who is this person? Well, I’ll tell you. 

I am a Renaissance Woman, a multipotentialite who has been told her whole life what to do, how to do it and for how long. Until the age of 45. At that point my universe crashed and burned and I found myself alone, bereft of family, future, possibility and identity. What to do? I no longer knew who I was, what role I should play in the world, in life or in anything. I went from a fairly affluent lifestyle to living on the streets in the space of a breath. 

That can put a serious damper on you, I can tell you. But I found my Self, my passion, and my possibility and created a life I am thrilled to wake up to every morning. And that’s what I help others do, too. 

I help Disappointed Dreamers pick their butts up off the floor and fly. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re willing to work hard on yourself and create a life you love, you don’t mind a little snark, a little rough language and having fun along the way, I’m your gal! 

No More Someday, Now is NOW

I created my methodology step by step by going from surviving to thriving. My DYOP (Disconnect Your Oughta Pilot) process works and I can teach you how to use it to take back your dreams and visions and make them DANCE right here and now!

The Living A Created Life Methodology

The Living A Created Life program is the cornerstone of my practice. It consists of 9 segments designed to stand alone or fit together.

Segment 1 - Living On Oughta Pilot

Rediscovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self.

Are you doing you or are your living on Oughta Pilot? Embracing the life you were born to live isn’t easy. It takes courage and a willingness to look at where you’ve given access to others to make decisions for you, tell you what you should be doing and set your path to fulfill their goals.

Together let’s look at reawakening, re-visioning and reclaiming your Authentic Self.

Segment 2 - Watch Your Mouth, Your Subconscious Is Listening
Your internal dialog can make or break you. We all have a personal DJ spinning old scratchy records and tapes we can’t help but listen to. Getting deep into our media library is half the battle. Once there, though, you can fire your DJ and get back in touch with your Original Song; the one only you can sing and the one you are here to contribute to the chorus of humanity.
Segment 3 - Shake Your Meaning Maker

What did they mean by that? What does it all mean? It’s gotta mean something…

These are all statements we hear all the time. Human beings are Meaning Making Machines. If nobody gives us a meaning for something that happens, we make one up! And, since the meaning we give to the event becomes so embedded in our minds, we can’t remember we made it up in the first place. So, we feel powerless to change it and the meaning becomes dogmatic.

Human beings are compelled to find meaning in their lives. We can’t help it: everything means something. Most of it is story. You made it up. You can change it. I’ll work with yu to discoveer what meanings you’ve created for the events, even traumas, and provide a transition to a new story.

Sh-tuff happens. But how we interpret it is up to us. It is your passed/past. They are memories. They don’t have to keep triggering emotional reactions.

Segment 4 - The Joys of Failure

Or the fine art of falling on your face. 

Ever wish you could have a do-over? Think you’ll never amount to much considering what yur life has been so far?

When you can learn to see failures as only a bump in the road instead of a wall to stop you, then you can begin to celebrate them. If you wind up falling on your ass, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. Keeping your focus on your dream, your vision, living it, tasting it, immersing yourself in it 1000% draws that dream to you.

Segment 5 - FOCUS On Your Vision

Coming Soon

Segment 6 - From Betrayal to BadAss - Your Life On Your Terms

Coming Soon

Segment 7 - Re-Visioning Your Life

Coming Soon

Segment 8 - Recognizing Upportunities

Coming Soon

Segment 9 - Planifesting

Coming Soon

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