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About CLS

What’s It All About?

Hello. I’m sure your wondering – who is this person? What the hell is an Oughta Pilot and why do I need to disconnect it? Well, I’ll tell you.

I know you must have questions: Here’s where you can click to  find answers:

About DeBorah

About the Work In General

 About Color Energy Work

About the Curriculum

No More Someday, Now is NOW

This is your time. You are at that balance point between surviving and thriving. You can spend your life looking over your shoulder and wishing for what might have been or you can take a deep breath, blow your nose, and look at what is within your grasp to mold and reshape into what will be.

Only you can do that. I can help, but only you will live your Created Life — your life on your terms.

It’s possible. I’ve done it. So can you.

Step into your Power

Rekindle your Passion

Open yourself to Possibility


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