About Me

DeBorah Beatty – Oughta Pilot Disconnector and Dream Dancemaster

I teach you how to move on from passed experiences, triumph over traumas and go from surviving to thriving, embracing a created life of power, passion and possibility.

I am a holistic guide who teaches those who have been surviving by following ought-to’s and shoulds to disconnect their Oughta Pilots and thrive by embracing created lives.

I dream of a day when everyone is free from the voices and the pain of stories and experiences, and they can step up and step out, dancing their way through lives of choice, of their own creation and joyful manifesting.

Since 2007 I’ve been helping people find their inborn, natural strengths, open up that box they stuffed their dreams into, bring those dreams out into the light and teach them to dance!

I’ll help you create a life of power, passion and possibility.

I’ve been where you are. I lost everything in 1997 and have been on a journey of self-growth and identity ever since.

The Living a Created Life program and The Oughta Pilot concept were born out of a personal journey. I was born in the tropics, and although the scenery was lovely, my family got blown out of house and home with typhoons about every 7 years. That’s how I learned to start over. From a young age, I learned to pick up pieces that were within reach (whether they were mine or not) and forge them into something better, something bigger. Living this way also taught me to see opportunities in everything.

When I was older, I had the opportunity to pick up pieces and rebuild on a massive level when my mother passed away and left me with nothing. All I knew myself to be, all I knew my life to be, all I expected, planned for and hoped for was gone in the space of a breath. My parents had spent my lifetime telling me all the sacrifices we had to make living so far away from everything, that all the experiences we had were so that I could have a “good life when I was older”. My father passed away first, and that was painful. I was a Daddy’s girl and missed him terribly. Then 13 years later, my mother passed away, disinheriting me and leaving me with only the clothes I was wearing the day the Executor of her estate evicted me from her house.

Homeless and alone, I discovered a path to recovery that eventually became the armature to all I have built – thriving family relationships, a career, a home with a loving husband — a created life. I work now with others to lighten that effort towards a created life and support them in their journey.

Created Life Strategies began as a way to share a journey of discovery and growth. We offer a range of services from one on one coaching to larger programs and motivational products to keep you in the conversation. Created Life Strategies was born in 2007 and is enjoying a rebirth in 2020!


I am committed to teaching those who are ready ways to choose and live a created life of joy, adventure and fun. I want you to experience a renewed zest and delight in a life full of power, passion and possibility where you are in charge of your own path, armed with tools and support to go forward and recognize yourself as the amazing phenomenon I see you to be.

What I can do for you

I offer one on one and group work. Together, you and I seek out and disconnect those ought to’s and shoulds that have been in control. Shining a light into the dark corners of memory and being a support for others on their path to created lives is what we live for. We will dig deep into meanings, how you talk to yourself and how you handle not only failure, but success as well.

The Living A Created Life Program

For our flagship program, Living A Created Life, I use a 9 segment system of exploration. Each one can be taken individually as a standalone program, but we recommend taking the whole journey. You can read more about the various programs themselves here. We also offer programs for enhancing creativity, for support of small business and using the energy of color as a guide for daily life.


Why we do it

People wander into the deep places in their thoughts and memories and have a hard time finding their way back to who they know themselves to be on a heart level. Our thoughts keep us company as do our PERCEIVED hurts, our guilt, our shame, our worry, and our betrayals. Have you noticed that it’s not the happy memories that occupy your mind BUT the unfinished business left unresolved?

Somewhere, sometime in your life, something happened. And this something made an impression and triggered an internal hypothesis that they have spent years proving.

One of many exercises we do is the Story Exercise during Shake Your Meaning Maker (Part 3 in the series). I teach you my method and provide a big box of tissues. (Peeling your onion of life brings tears sometimes). What we pay attention to is the part you keep repeating that brings tears to your eyes and pain to your heart? This is a pattern, this is where your pain comes from within the specific memory.

The pattern is where you go to confirm how awful your life is. The human brain creates the story based on all the things that happen to you. It interprets everything new that happens to root those beliefs even deeper. The good news is, since you wrote that story in the first place, you can rewrite it in light of new experiences and frames of reference.

One small belief change can start a domino effect that will change everything and open you up to good things happening. It isn’t easy./ I’m not going to tell you it is. It’s hard work and it can be painful. But IF you are willing, and IF you choose to live a life of your own making, it is a path.

I can help with your business dreams, too. As a third generation, seriously serial solopreneur, I have experience in every field from Agri-Business to Zen Studio Design. I’m an exhibiting artist, author, solopreneur, coach and mentor.