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Women’s Retreats and Workshops

It’s always nice to get away from day to day stressors and focus on ourselves. I created the CLS Women’s Retreats for this reason.

Each one has a particular focus within the framework of the Betrayal to Badass Path and will focus on a particular element within it.

For example, Who Are You Really? Retreat will focus on getting to know your Self on a different, deeper level and reconnecting with all those parts of you you’ve set aside. You will:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and learn to use them to your advantage
  • Discover your PERSONAL Power Palette of colors that will bolster self-confidence, help create and maintain a Sacred Space that nourishes and inspires and glean suggestions for managing your daily tasks.
  • Get in touch with your Secret Self who’s been waiting to come out and play
  • Fall in love with yourself and celebrate your magnificence as a human being.

As we continue to develop these retreats, we will offer them on a rotating basis so that you can attend all of them!!!!!!

Retreats planned for 2023 are:

Who Are You Really? – How well do you know yourself? What have you forgotten? Buried? Written off? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Watch Your Mouth Your Subconscious Is Listening – What do you say to yourself? What are you speaking into existence within your community? Within your sphere of influence? This retreat is about self-talk, self-sabotage and conscious languaging.

Shake Your Meaning Maker – We all have our stories. We all operate on Oughta Pilot sometimes. Take the betrayal stories apart that keep you from doing/being and having what you desire and rewrite them to empower yourself.

The Joys of Failure – How do you relate to your failures? Do you regret them or celebrate them? Let’s redefine how you view those milestones called Failure.

Discover Your Personal Power Palette – What colors light you up and which ones shut you down? Do you even know? Learn to use color energies to your advantage!

And more…

Workshops (offered on a rotating basis)

Planifest – Got big plans? Resolutions for the new year you’re going to try again? Planifesting is my own word that means “planning to manifest and manifesting your plan”. Learn the 6 secrets to setting ACHIEVABLE goals.

Color Outside the Lines – A new way to think about color energy, your wishes, dreams and visions and how to create a life on your terms.

How Do I Love Me, Let Me Count My Ways  – February 23, 2023. When was the last time you fell in love with yourself? What do you think of yourself? What is stopping you from stepping into your Power, rekindling your Passion and opening yourself up to Opportunity? Taken from Step 1 in the Toolkit, Who Are You, Really?

The Fine Art of Falling On Your Face – Redefine failure. Learn to celebrate your misses and fails instead of berating yourself and feeling guilty for them. 

Watch this space for even more fun!

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