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About My Color Energy Work

 Colorisity Analysis

What I do with my Colorisity offerings is loosely based on numerology. Each of the 9 colors I use has a number assigned to it that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. I use a mathematical algorithm to determine what color corresponds to your environment, your expression, inner urge and latent self. I use your birthname and your birth date to determine the color rays that you were born under and the name you currently use to determine which ones are affecting you now.

The Colorisity Analysis provides four things: 1) Your Expression or basic qualities at birth and currently. This is who you are to others. 2) Your Inner Urge or motivation to live in a specific manner, and be the kind of person you are underlies everything you do, think and say.  3) Apart from the expression and the inner urge  we also analyze who you are when you’re alone, without the need to excel, to compete to present yourself to others.  Your Latent Self shows who you are at rest and your daydreaming qualities. And 4) Your Environment which shows not only your life path or destiny but  also shows lessons and areas needing attention. 

Each of the colors has attributes and the corresponding results are really interesting. Once I can see your Personal Rainbow, I do an intuitive analysis based on the results.

SpectraSurge™ Color Energy Healing

I have been working with color and energy for as long as I can remember. I just never realized it was a thing and everybody couldn’t and didn’t experience the world the way I did. I believe I have a form of energetic synesthesia where I perceive people as colors; almost like the scent of a perfume that surrounds them. I cannot see auras, I have tried, but what I see corresponds to my colorwork system I have developed. SpectraSurge™ is my own process.

Linking colors to numerical attributes was a concept originally studied by Alice Brown in the early 1900s and expanded upon by Frank L. Don who inspired me to dive more deeply into my intuitive gift and develop the colorwork into what it is today.

The work is personal, proven and experiential.

When clients come to me, first we work our way through the 9 colors I use, interactively exploring feelings, sensation and memories that come up as we concentrate on each. Sometimes as the color rays are activated, memories long buried return and using the tools from my Created Life Toolkit, we can integrate them and heal them.

Personal Healing

Sometimes, what we think is at the root of our problems is only the scab over the real wound. My work can soften that scab allowing deeper healing to occur. My clients tell me they feel lighter or brighter after sessions.


I have several offerings to select from:

  • SpectraSurge™ Healing Session
  • Colorisity Analysis and Report
  • ColorScopes Weekly Forecasts
  • Colorisity Color Cards Oracle Deck


I take you through the color energies to engender new clarity about your life, your relationships and your desires. You will experience a different state of being as you work through the the stories you have created that hold you back to integrate and possibly release those stories.

Too Woo Woo For You? 

There are a number of studies that posit color frequency has an impact on brain and body function. In studies, colors have been shown to change alpha brain waves. According to EEG and pulse measuring systems, men and women react differently to colors. When color is transmitted from the eye to the brain, the brain releases a hormone affecting the emotions, mind clarity and energy levels.

There is also a correspondence between frequencies and physical responses. That is why prisons are painting their walls pink, why some public offices that are in basements have orange walls and markets are going green.

Colors all have a vibrational energy to them and have a profound effect on how we function. Do you even notice when the colors change in your environment? How can you optimize your world to your benefit? Did you know you can draw on color to amplify or dampen the energy in a situation?

There’s also a fascinating article on Whether Color Really Affects Your Brain on another site for your further interest.

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If you want to find out more about my programs for personal and business applications, reach out and I’ll be in touch! Let’s discuss what you enVision and what your next steps can be. 

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