Hi! My name is DeBorah Beatty
I am a Life Coach and BADASS Color Mystic
I am a Renaissance Woman, a multipotentialite who has experience in every field from Agribusiness to Zen Studio Design! I'm a musician, an artist, a writer, an entrepreneur, a jewelry maker, a master dyer, a voracious reader and researcher and a color energy practitioner. I take all this goodness, swirl it together and use it to coach others and guide them towards their own Created Lives. I call myself a Life Docent as opposed to a Life Coach because in my practice, I am more of a tour guide for my clients than someone telling them what to do. I illuminate the twists and turns of their lives showing them the blessings in the betrayals, the fun in their failures and the power, passion and possibility that's available to everyone. 

I lost everything when I was 47; my identity, my future, an 8 year relationship, a growing business and my family. Going from having an affluent lifestyle to living on the streets in 48 hours, I know the shock, the mental and emotional paralysis of loss and sudden change. I understand how hard it is to start over all over again. I can empathize with the feeling of overwhelm when you need to pick up the pieces of your life without knowing even where to find them.

I have rebuilt my life on a firm foundation of self-knowing that lifts me up and provides me with direction, confidence and motivation. This is what I live and this is what I teach. 

I started Created Life Strategies in 2004, originally to help others who had survived a devastating loss pick up the pieces and create their own life out of the shards at their feet. My first program was taken from my book, Disconnect Your Oughta Pilot. From there, the work evolved over the last 25 years to where it is now. My signature program, The Betrayal to Badass Path, now works to rewrite our betrayal stories, and move to step into power, rekindle passion and open to possibility.
My Colorisity Color Energy Work is based on a system I developed having grown up with a form of synesthesia that has people occurring as colors to me. I have molded my lifelong observations about attributes of a 9 color spectrum into the Colorisity System. Colors all have a vibrational energy to them and have a profound effect on how we function. Do you even notice when the colors change in your environment? How can you optimize your world to your benefit? Did you know you can draw on color to amplify or dampen the energy in a situation?
What People Say

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank DeBorah for all the help. She came through in our time of need and went above and beyond our expectations. People like DeBorah put a smile on my face and everyone else’s. If you ever get the chance to work with DeBorah, I highly recommend it. You will be happy you did!”

Josh Harrison, Seattle WA

“DeBorah’s warm and supportive style comes from her heart. She has the positive attitude that inspires one to adopt the same, the understanding of life that comes from reaching bottom and climbing back up, and the authenticity the makes her coaching effective.”

Selina Khan, Toronto, Canada

Medium, Psychic, Healer, Toronto Psychic Services

I did some creative and brainstorming work with DeBorah and I can tell you she is a joy. Her energy is contagious and the ideas that popped from our few sessions will certainly help me to better serve my clients and make more money for them and for me! Get on the phone with her and see if you connect. Stay open to a world you never knew – she’s getting channels the rest of us don’t have on our dial.”

Barry Friedman, California

Launch Coach, Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula

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