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Women’s Retreats

It’s always nice to get away from day to day stressors and focus on ourselves. I created the CLS Women’s Retreats for this reason.

Each one has a particular focus within the framework of the Betrayal to Badass Path and will focus on a particular element within it. 

For example, The Colorisity Discover Your Personal Power Palette Retreat will focus on getting to know your Self on a different level and learning to understand and know color energies. You will: 

  • Learn the Colorisity System
  • Discover your PERSONAL Power Palette of colors that will bolster self-confidence, help create and maintain a Sacred Space that nourishes and inspires and glean suggestions for managing your daily tasks. 
  • Get in touch with your Secret Self who’s been waiting to come out and play
  • Learn which color rays affected you when you were born that continue to have influence even now.

As we continue to develop these retreats, we will offer them on a rotating basis so that you can attend all of them!!!!!! 

The next Colorisity Retreat is November 8-10, 2022 in Cannon Beach, OR. 


Register Now for the November 2022 Retreat!

Register now for the Colorisity Discover Your Personal Power Palette Retreat in Cannon Beach, OR November 8 – 10, 2022.

Cost: $997/1597*

*$1597 includes VIP ticket for the Cannon Beach WOW Weekend November 11-13

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