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About The Work


Strategies For Living A Created Life

I started Created Life Strategies in 2004, originally to help others who had survived a devastating loss pick up the pieces and create their own life out of the shards at their feet.  My first program was taken from my book, Disconnect Your Oughta Pilot. From there, the work evolved over the last 16 years to where it is now.

The work is personal, proven and experiential.

I use my firsthand knowledge of what it takes to start over, how hard it is to see what is available and how much intestinal fortitude and soul searching it takes to just begin,

I see so many that have given up their voices, their dreams, and their belief they can manifest miracles who have become frustrated, angry, and depressed. I see an awakening to being more than placeholders beginning and I want to encourage it. When I share my experiences and tools, there is an opening for more and the freedom to start from where we are. We are all human, we are all wounded, it’s what we do with our scar tissue that matters.

Personal Healing

On a personal level, my work matters because if more people can be present to what is available by living created lives of power, passion and possibility, healing can begin. Love can be reclaimed for our fellow beings, where there is abundance there can be sharing into the darkness where there is lack. Balance is again possible and desirable. Ego is put aside.


I have lived what I teach. I stand as proof it works. I call myself a docent because I offer my foibles, my missteps, and my failures to help you see just what it takes and that the Work has developed from trial and error.


I will take you through exercises to engender new clarity about your life, your relationships and your desires. You will experience a different state of being as you work through the things that you’ve discovered hold you back.

World Healing

In the grand scheme of things, if more people are present to what is available by living created lives of power, passion and possibility, there is an acknowledgment of responsibility for ourselves by taking responsibility for others. The violence of hatred and ideological warfare can be given up in favor of dialog and empathy.


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If you want to find out more about my programs for personal and business applications, reach out and I’ll be in touch! Let’s discuss what you enVision and what your next steps can be. 

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