Colorisity Coaching

What’s a Personal Rainbow?

Your Personal Rainbow (or PR) is the particular combination of color rays that were shining at your birth. It can be determined with the Colorisity Natal Chart and shows attributes that influence you and your actions your whole life.

What will it mean for me?

Once you identify your Personal Rainbow and know how to use it, it can boost your confidence, minimize stressful situations and generally make you feel better about what you experience every day.

What’s a Colorisity Chart?

There are two charts I provide:

  1. Your Natal Chart is created out of an analysis I do taking your full name at birth and your birth date. The Natal Chart provides insight into
    • Your public self (basic qualities, who you are to the world)
    • Your instinctual reaction or urge when faced with a crossroads
    • Your Secret Self (who you are at your core, who you are when you think nobody is paying attention and you can just be you)
    • What surrounds you, what you’re going through, and the lessons you’re here to learn.
  2. Your Current Influence Chart is created using the name you’re currently using. Your Environment from the birthdate will not change, but the colors set out in the current chart overlay the ones from your Natal Chart and can shift, enhance or muffle the underlying colors.

What Does It All Mean?

Each color has an attribute that defines it. Those attributes also apply to the person the color influences. Once you know what colors boost confidence, create energy and inspire you, you can use them as your Personal Power Palette.Wear those colors, consume those colors, surround yourself with them or simply visualize them when you want to feel more powerful. You can also use the same process to settle yourself in stressful situations or conversations by using the colors that have that effect.

So, How Does This Colorisity™ Coaching Thing Work?

You would be working with me on an ongoing basis to determine what your Personal Power Palette is and create a framework for you to utilize the color attributes in order to be most effective in your life. Get to know your Self on a different level and learn to understand and work with YOUR color energies so you can move forward with confidence, clarity and consistency.

It all begins with a free, no push, no obligation discovery call during which we will discuss what you need and how I can be of service to you. Once we come to an agreement that works for you, you’ll begin your program.

Book your Discovery Call Now.

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