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Reinventing Your Self – Part 3 – Stuck?
Reinventing Your Self – Part 3 – Stuck?

I’ve been sooooo good. I’ve followed the plan to the letter. And now here I am, stuck for almost 10 days with little to show (according to me) for my work. How many times has that been the case for us regardless of whether it’s weight loss, career, relationships,...

Starting Over All Over Again
Starting Over All Over Again

One of the hardest things to do when you've lost everything is to pick yourself up and start again. I know, I've been doing it my whole life. I was raised in a place that got the snot kicked out of it every 7 years or so. (Ah, the joys of island life.) I learned how...

Everything Unlike Itself
Everything Unlike Itself

Or Why Is This Happening To Me? This month has been full of interesting observations. I'd like to share a few of those with all of you! It's been a belief of mine for quite awhile now that when you choose something big to do, be or have, and then you live in that...

Reinventing Your Self Part 1

Thoughts  on onion peeling How many of you have peeled an onion? Lots, right? When you peel an onion, you start at the outside and if you have a good one and want to preserve the maximum vegetable you peel carefully, one layer at a time. With each layer you check out...

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