ColorScope for 2023 – The Great Unanswerable WHY

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Color Energy, Colorisity


 The color Violet combines the devotion of Blue and the intuition of Indigo and yet progresses beyond both.  As Indigo 2022’s function was all about potential and looking outward, Violet offers a journey.


 Violet strives to consciously learn life’s processes.  Seeing the primal forces behind outward appearances, Violet is always asking why, never accepting anything at face value.

In individuals, Violet is driven tirelessly to link the known with the unknown on a conscious level.  You search all levels for answers to your questions — the hidden the obscure, the occult.  Being on the spiritual end of the spectrum, you are fascinated by its dreams, visions and inspirations. And the more you get answers to your questions, the more you are spurred on to find answers to the questions within the answers. One hallmark of Violet, is once they ask “why?” and get an answer, their response is going to be, “but what about….?” Usually taken from within the answer they’ve been provided.

This is not a bad thing – it’s annoying, but Violets are the explorers, the philosophers, the experimenters. What awesome things will we see in 2023 as a result of being unafraid to look deeper into answers and ask for deeper explanations?

Violet is also a color beneficial to frayed nerves as is Blue or Indigo.  With these colors, spirituality is augmented and man’s purpose in being is more understood.  Thus, there is something calming in these colors to alleviate neuroses. 2023 will see a less phrenetic, calmer way of existing.

Just as the color Violet completes one octave of the spectrum, you seek completion and perfection in life.  Violet asks man to search deep within and transform his lower nature into connection with his Higher Self.  It offers insight into the true meaning of life and all that partakes of it.  Violet is the Light Bearer, bringing gifts of inspiration via masterpieces of art, thought and achievement, striving and stretching for the ideal.

You have a poise and grace that you were born with.  On your quest for best and beauty, you often create a tranquil haven for yourself.  You are extremely sensitive to the energies of others and surroundings.  Although you are sometimes considered a loner, you require your “alone time” to meditate and integrate the results of your discoveries and studies.  It’s left up to you to span the gap between the objective and subjective, the physical and metaphysical.


Violet’s desire for higher vibrational manifestations can lead to creation of enchanted worlds in which to dwell.  Energy is wasted on wishing instead of acting on knowledge gained. Being at one extreme of the spectrum, there is a tendency to separate from a physical reality that is less than an idea of perfection.  While deliriously happy in the magical kingdom, Violet easily despairs when reality confronts it and escape into fantasy is preferable.

This is the time to be on guard against falsehoods, gossip and external encouragement to follow a path that conflicts with your heart and gut. Trust your intuition here. Your heart is the only thing you can truly trust. Ask questions, get to the TRUTH. 

Although you can charm and delight others, you are not an especially good mixer in public.  There is too much passion in you to be able to express yourself with ease. Living in your magical kingdom, you can devise all sorts of rules and roles for others to conform to.  You can become proud, lost in your own self-esteem, and arrogant to the point of dominating any who enter your world.

Although you are capable of accomplishments respected by others, your emphasis on your own individuality can undermine your efforts. You possess an inspired wit, keen perception and can be a leader and teacher to those who are seeking an understanding of life’s processes.

At your best, you can express the love and wisdom of life for others to understand. If you can transform the base qualities of your desire nature into selfless service to others, you shed light on truth and relative perfection.

Enjoy the year. I personally can’t wait to see what gets discovered as a result of this journey.


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