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by | Jun 1, 2021 | Color Energy

JUNE 2021 – 2 = Orange  = 11

June 2021 is a special month. For one thing, it’s a Power Month meaning numerologically it is an 11 as well as a 2.

Orange Natives will feel the tides of this balancing point pulling both towards the Red we have just experienced and the Yellow of upcoming July.

June 2021 is a time of coming back to the balance point, the completely perpendicular point of the pendulum swing, the stillness after laboring to bring life forth, the zero point of stillness before a move into action.

Moves towards compromise, finding congruency and desire to make it work make Orange months special. The Power Month component gives it an extra push.

The Attributes of Orange are:

The Orange ray affects the emotions and sexual energy.  As Orange lies between the Red and Yellow rays, it is considered a secondary color.  It combines the energy of its neighbors to affect both the physical well-being (Red) and intellect (Yellow).  Its enlivening effect provides energy to cope with life’s situations and lends itself to a buoyancy of spirit.  This inherent exuberance is emotionally based since Yellow’s intellectual influence has not become strong enough to limit this joie de vivre within reasonable bounds.  Because of this natural ebullience, Orange leand toward an extreme state of self-indulgence.  Unlike the uncontrolled swings between the extremes seen in Red natives, Orange does have some Yellow-sponsored reasoning behind your actions.

A cheerful, warm color, Orange can be used to remove fears or inhibitions from daily life.  Through this color, we transform our basic survivalist nature from the animal level of operating solely on instinct to a level where we can begin to use reason to influence our actions.

Orange is a peacemaker, having as your natural goal harmony and peacefulness.  Orange’s power is in its ability to bring together information, people and/or events into a cooperative unity.  A natural mediator/negotiator, Orange sees both sides to any question.  As a natural diplomat, powers of persuasion become almost an art form.  Rhythm and timing are usually pronounced in Orange as is a sense of the esthetic and a hunger for peace.

There are times, however, when Orange’s inner balance moves away from the point of equilibrium.  At these times, it tends to gravitate toward either one of its neighbors.  Polarized towards the Red side, Orange natives are capable of intense anger and recklessness that shows no reasoning whatsoever.  When its Yellow neighbor is more attractive, Orange uses intellect to lash out at restrictions.  At this point it becomes totally unreasonable.

Possessing great determination, Orange can become exacting in its demands for balance.  Consideration and cooperation give way to intense criticism.  Turned inward, this criticism can make Orange natives feel timid, indecisive, fearful of failure and dependent upon others for guidance.

Orange wants to be gregarious and popular so it is important to stress self-confidence.  Under this influence, it’s possible to lean toward people-pleasing and must constantly guard against seeking to please others at your own expense.

Sensitivity is extremely vulnerable to outside influence and can run riot with forebodings that have no foundation. The key word for Orange is always:   BALANCE.

Doing a full 27 card spread for the month of June, we get the following:

Orange 2 Decoy as Focus Point or significator – trust yourself, there will be a lot of information flying by. Rely on your own values, morals and inner guidance to discern TRUTH. Stay committed to a balanced point of view.

First Triad –

  • Red Harbinger – Physical challenges, tendency to power through with brute strength
  • Indigo Upportunity – Time and place to come forward
  • Orange FOCUS – Double check your choices – are they contributing to balance?
  • Red FOCUS – Double check your choices – are they the best move for you physically? Emotionally?
  • Green Planifest – Structure for manifestation, again a balance point
  • Red Emergence – Readiness to stand up and be counted
  • Indigo FOCUS – Double check your choices – where are they coming from? Inward or outward
  • Indigo Emergence – Readiness to let the world in, to stand forward in your wisdom and learning
  • Red Decoy – Being distracted by physical appearances, lulled into false sense of security

Second Triad

  • Red Oracle – Gut level Truth, internal knowning
  • Gold FOCUS – Double check your choices – are they transformative for all?
  • Gold Seeker – Seek out the Truth as a transformative medium
  • Power Card Opening – the end of waiting – thresholding but ready to step forward into somethiing new or back into the familiar
  • Violet Decoy – Distraction by appearances of a quick solution, does it really benefit all?
  • Violet Oracle – Desire to get to the bottom of things, bringing Truth to Light
  • Red Child – Blind following, gullibility, childhood beliefs still holding strong
  • Orange Child – Tempered gullibility, suspicion, guarded belief in what is before you
  • Gold Child – Following by choice, understanding and completion.

Third Triad

  • Gold Oracle – Desire to get on with things, completion and rebirth awareness and sharing
  • Green FOCUS – Structured methodology for management of options. Strategy
  • Green Upportunity – Time and place to come forward with a structure or order to move a project forward
  • Blue Decoy – Communication not clear, misleading
  • Blue Oracle – Get on with things, bring Truth to Light, soothing the fears of others
  • Blue Child – No holding back in communication – saying what there is to say
  • Rose Emergence – You are unfolding, Beloved, and the Universe is waiting.
  • Red Upportrunity – Sing it loud, sing it strong, now is the time to make a statement
  • Green Emergence – . Step forward, out into the light and you have the structure and the precision available






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