Five Ways I Will (NOT) Screw Up 2020

by | Jan 19, 2020 | Growth, Personal

This meme started by Andy Wibbels (@andymatic on Twitter), and an incredible blogmaster. He’s the author of the GoBlogWild blog. It first started circulating in 2009 (that I know of) and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. Sounds like it’s time to get it going again.

So here goes:

Five ways I will not screw up 2020

1) I will not stop just short of success – I have had a habit in my life of bringing brilliant ideas to life, busting my hump to make them happen and then just when they’re on the brink of becoming reality, I find another bunny rabbit to chase. I will follow through and complete at least one idea all the way.

2) I will not try to do everything myself – This year I will learn to ask for help when I need it and give up the ego that makes me think I have to do everything myself.

3) I will follow my heart instead of my head – My head is where my Oughta Pilot lives in the voice of my mother telling me to do this or that. My heart knows better and I need to trust it more.

4) I will create a plan and stick to it – one of my mentors had me do a 3-month plan. What a tough exercise for an entrepreneur – I tend to like to chase bright and shinies, but the first week has worked so far and I’ve gotten a lot more done.

5) I will work the tools I’ve started, re-evaluate them and discard the ones not working – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and all the other social networks where I have created profiles. Too many, I fear, since it takes me so much time to manage them all. I will choose the top 4 performers and work them effectively.

So, that’s my five, want to play and add your own?


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