Partnerships Of Excellence

Partnerships Of Excellence – not just for business anymore

I am an only child. I am a solopreneur, I do a lot of my work alone. Well, sort of.  You see, I have built Partnerships of Excellence to help me out.

What are these Partnerships of Excellence and how do they happen? I define PE’s as relationships where others who do what I cannot do well out of natural ability and love of the task working with me in a relationship for mutual gain.

Loosely translated that means I find people who love doing the things I’m less than effective doing, create a relationship with them and enter into a partnership where my skills help them and theirs help me.

Here’s an oversimplified example: You have those people who are amazing at writing and do it as effortlessly as breathing. The writers can’t balance their checkbooks to save their lives. They would go in search of people who love balancing checkbooks and don’t give it a second glance since it’s so easy for them, but can’t write a sentence that makes sense.

These two hook up to create a Partnership of Excellence and both win — the writer writes and the checkbook balancer balances checkbooks.  Both are happy and both are much more effective because they’re doing what they love and what is natural for them instead of agonizing and pushing to complete tasks they hate and which take twice as long because they’re so repugnant.

Here’s another example: Think of this in a relationship – One of you loves to cook, DVRs hours of The Food Network for your day off, and writes up menus in your sleep, but hates to clean the house. The other is an unapologetic neatnik and would rather clean than do almost anything else but can’t boil water without burning it. Do you see where this is going?

Partnerships of Excellence. They work.

In business, these are critical. You cannot and should not be expected to do everything well; why waste your time doing what frustrates you and stresses you out? Don’t you have tasks you just HATE to do? Of course you do. Finding others who enjoy doing those same nasty tasks and offering to do the things they hate to do, providing you’re better at them,  is just good sense.  All it takes is a conversation to find out where assistance is needed.

So take inventory of what needs to be done and see if there isn’t someone you know who can do the things you don’t do well and needs and WANTS what you can offer.

One caution – this has to be a PARTNERSHIP, the pendulum has to be perpendicular for it to work. Ethics and fairness must play a factor.

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