Plan To Manifest and Manifest Your Plan

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Business, Growth, Personal, Relationships, Starting Over

Holee SH*T! Who made it be December 2021 already?

It’s that time of year, AGAIN, ALREADY! It’s time to start planning for next year. Revelations, resolutions, renovations, remembrances, all the “R” words. Time to buckle down and do it. Right?

I can help with that. I’m offering a Planifest 2022 event on January 6 to show you a new way to create a framework for your year that can’t help but fall into place.  I’ve been using this process for the last 5 years to create my life and my business and I’m happy to say it works! Now I can share it with you.

Planifesting is planning to manifest and manifesting your plan.

There are 6 steps to Planifesting:

  1. Begin at the end. Start from your Vision and work backwards. Using generous or expansive questions, flesh out that Vision and make it so real you can experience it with all your senses
  2. Set benchmarks and milestones to ensure your path is clear and achievable using SMART Goals those that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound
  3. Use Gratitudinous Attitude Magic.  Do everything with an attitude of gratitude that it already exists. Everything you’ve chosen for yourself, is available and creatable. Be grateful.
  4. Pull from the Nothing* if everything is possible, you can create it out of the nothing you currently have available to you and there’s no thing more powerful.
  5. Ask the BIG Questions Using the expansive questions you came up with in Step 1 to firm  up your Vision, ask them daily and journal your answers where you can refer to them often.
  6. THE GRAND PLAN Somebody’s great idea everything we have that is a marvel started with somebody’s great idea or vision. Strategize, modify, tweak and doodle on paper or on a computer, print it out and keep it where you can see it always. The more it’s in front of you the more it’s ahead of you.

Do not forget to dream. Your Vision is only one possible outcome. Ask yourself “What if” and begin acting “as if” in all situations. Doing so will call a different part of yourself into being.

The process is actually quite simple, but where it gets twisty is in the Visioning and Brainstorming that is important on the way to having that Grand Plan. Expansive questions, those that call you to expand your current thinking help with the process. Expansive questions are the kind of questions that invoke curiosity and spark new awareness. They’re questions like, “in order to make this plan happen, who do I need to be to make it happen?”, “If I were willing  for it to be easy to manifest what I want, what would I want first?”

If you’re interested in exploring YOUR possible 2022, you can either sign up now or contact me for more information.

 * The Nothing is that space between breaths, between inhale and exhale, where no thing exists but every thing is a possibility. 


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