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Programs and Services


I offer both group and individual coaching, virtually or in person.




Many topics, lots of fun! Explore new concepts and tools. Send your mind out to play and see what it comes home with!



Ongoing Programs

You’re a work in progress. These are ongoing programs I offer. 


Colorisity Analysis

Coloring outside the lines. Numerical Analysis based on 9 color rays that affect your life and your destiny.


Gift Certificates

Available for all Products and Services

Gift Certificates are a perfect way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. One Size Fits All and the perfect color means no returns and lots of smiles.

Someone may have one of my offerings on their wishlist for a birthday or holiday. Why not surprise them?

Action Groups

Weekly Group Mentorship

There are a number of these available, depending on your focus. Join one or more. Discounts available for multiples!

Living in Left Field – Ideas come fast and furious – brainstorming on steroids

Disconnect Your Oughta Pilot – What are your “should-y” messes?

Betrayal to Badass – Where have your betrayals kept you from fully engaging with your dreams?

DreamBuilding 101 – Build your dreams as carefully as you live them. 

SpectraSurge™ Healing

In a 45-minute session I will intuitively adjust the areas in your personal rainbow I feel need a boost. It is non-invasive, can be non-touch if your sensitive and leaves you feeling refreshed and vital.

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