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Have you ever noticed how colors are such an integrated part of our lives and our vocabulary? We all know what it feels like to see red when we’re angry, and we talk about feeling blue when things are not going the way we want them to.We were all born into a specific energy vibration. That vibration is expressed as a color. What colors you express and what you’re drawn to can affect your success or failure.

Wherever you are on your personal rainbow, come and find out what color you REALLY are. Colors all have a vibrational energy to them and have a profound effect on how we function. Prisons are painting walls pink, markets are going green. Do you even notice when the colors change in your environment? How can you optimize your world to your benefit? Did you know you can draw on color to amplify or dampen the energy in a situation?

Colors all have a vibrational energy to them and have a profound effect on how we function. As Energy Beings, we all manifest a color spectrum that some can see. For me, this is different than an aura, it is a sensation of a wash of color from an individual.

Renewing, resetting and brightening those colors can result in a feeling of enlivened energy, renewed purpose and rekindled interests.



What I do with my Colorisity offerings is loosely based on numerology. Each of the 9 colors I use has a number assigned to it that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. I use a mathematical algorithm to determine what color corresponds to your environment, your expression, inner urge and latent self. I use your birthname and your birth date to determine the color rays that you were born under and the name you currently use to determine which ones are affecting you now.

In the total name of the individual, as given at birth, we have an indication of the basic qualities of character in that person.  (Expression)

The vowels give us the motivation for a person to perform certain tasks, to live in a specific manner, and to be the kind of person they are. (Inner Urge)

Apart from the expression and the inner urge of the individual, we also analyze the individual when he/she is alone, without the need to excel, to compete to present himself/herself to others.  This characteristic shows the person at rest, the daydreaming qualities of the person. (Latent Self)

The birthdate shows not only the life path or destiny for the person, it also shows the lessons and areas needing attention. (Environment)

Each of the colors has attributes and the corresponding results are really interesting. Once I get those, I do an intuitive analysis based on the results.



I have several offerings for this segment of my programs and services. You can click on the links to order.

Colorisity Report – just the report and analysis  $299

Colorisity Whole Package – includes report, intuitive analysis and reading, swatchbook, tonal analysis and Environmental evaluation $899 (coming soon)

SpectraSurge™ Healing – 45-min session working on removing blockages and restoring color flow  $75

SpectraCard Oracle Readings – 3 card spread readings with my SpectraCard color deck $45


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