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The Toolkit begins your journey to a Created Life with Power, Passion and Possibility.



This Toolkit is the first segment in my Living A Created Life Curriculum. Self-paced but supported and guided. I see people so invested in their suffering and their stories about what they say happened. It makes me crazy because I know they don’t have to suffer, and they certainly don’t need to believe the stories they made up for themselves! If they created stories that cause them suffering, they can create one that makes them happy.

I can show you a way to edit/recreate/rewrite the story you are limiting yourself with. Life doesn’t need to be hard and painful. It can be glorious and delicious! My work is a way out through the fire and into rebirth; out of the scary into the safe.

When you feel powerful, you act with more confidence, less fear and more joy. When you are passionate about your lives and your beloveds, you live with more energy, embracing those things you desire. When you are present to possibility, the sky is the limit and you are unstoppable in your pursuit of what you desire.

I’ve been told my Toolbox makes you feel lighter, more positive about your lives and the relationships. The way you approach challenges or bumps in the road shifts. You know the things in your way can be surmounted and overcome because you have proof you can.

Module 1  – Disconnecting Your Oughta Pilot – where have shoulds and ought to’s been in control of your journey? We will revisit some of the experiences that have been seminal in directing the choices and decisions you’ve made and begin to see how to disconnect from them.

Module 2Watch Your Mouth, Your Subconscious Is Listening – How do you program your own subconscious to create proof that your Oughta Pilots are correct? What do you say when you talk to yourself? What scratched and broken records is your Personal DJ who lives in your head play for you when faced with a situation? Whose voice do you hear when talking yourself out of your dreams? Wouldn’t you like to tell it to shut up and let you live your life?

Module 3Shake Your Meaning Maker – The reason our past has such a hold on us is the emotional charge we experience everytime memories surface. We feel pain or elation every time as sharply as we did when the original experience happened. What if you could defuse that emotional jolt from those experiences that no longer serve you and transmute the negative feelings into neutral or even positive ones?

Module 4The Joys of Failure – We have all failed at things we attempted. Failure is the fine art of falling on your face. What we do with those failures is up to us. Using the previous 3 tools, you will look at your failures and learn that they can be celebrated for what they are — steps closer to your goal. What did you learn from your failures? What opportunities opened up because you failed at something? Instead of stops those past failures will become speedbumps, changing the way you look at the next time you don’t achieve a goal on the first attempt.

How Does It Work?

We’ll spend a month on each tool in your Toolkit on weekly 1-hour Zoom calls. Each module will have 4 weekly calls and include interactive exercises and assignments to gain deep clarity for you to work on offline and email to me for personalized, confidential feedback. Each monthly program is designed to flow as follows:

Week 1: Tool Presentation. I will go over each tool in detail, including what it is, how it is designed to work, how to most efficiently use it and assign the exercise for the following week to give you practice that tool.

Week 2 and 3: Exercises, Hot Seat (completely voluntary) and Q & A

Week 4: Summary and Feedback

We’ll do this for 4 months until you have all 4 in your very own Toolbox.

One complimentary 1:1 session is included with each module. If you require more, they are available for a minimal fee.

I offer the Toolkit at a Pay From The Heart Basis.  $999/1299/1599

 * More about Pay From The Heart Below

** Also, if you sign up for the next segment, The Foundation, within 10 days of completing the Toolkit, 25% of the cost of the Toolkit will roll over towards The Foundation price.

* * * * * * * * * *

 * Pay From The Heart

If this program feels like it will serve you well, then the appropriate exchange will occur to you. Here are a couple of guidelines that I hope will clarify.

My intent, that it be available to as many as possible, means I set a modest threshold — a minimum investment of $999. (If this level causes hardship or you are at a place without room for extras, or you wish to propose some other option, please contact me directly.)

The basic suggested fee is $1299. If you have the wherewithal, $1599 or more helps to offset my costs and will support me in serving those who are challenged to afford even the modest minimum fees.

The link to join will be sent when I receive your notice of payment.

Please make sure I have your current email address so you will receive the recording after our session, along with some of my notes, and other follow-ups from our meeting.

If the options presented for payment still do not work for you, email me and I am sure we can work something out.


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