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Workshops and Retreats

This is a brief overview of the workshops and retreats I offer.

At this time all courses are virtual with a plan to take them on the road once it’s safe. I offer them all on a Pay From The Heart Basis*. More about Pay From The Heart below. Get on my mailing list to find out first when they’re available.

articulate-your-self-logoARTiculate Your Self     $350

You don’t have to be artistic to come play — just open to try something new. We’ll be doing projects involving many types of media. You may be surprised how creative you really are.

We’ll get together and leave our expectations at the door. When was the last time you joyfully made a mess just for fun? There will be a series of 6 sessions, one each week, to explore your inner child and your artistic soul. The price includes all the toys you’ll need so I will need your physical mailing address when you sign up.

We’ll  leave our expectations at the door. When was the last time you joyfully made a mess just for fun? More info

Next Round is January 12 – February 16, 2022. Register Now! 

We all have artistic souls, just for some of us they show up differently.

Scientists have found there is no left or right brain activity at the exclusion of the other, but rather a sharing of impulses across the hemispheres that require use of all the talents a human being uses. Upleveling your artistic, creative side will only help stimulate your brain functions in other areas.

      • Brainstorming
      • Strategic Planning
      • Concepts and Manifestation
      • Branding
      • And even some art, believe it or not!

Betrayal to Badass  $350

There’s always a gift in betrayal. Discover it and become Bodacious, Assertive, Determined, Approachable, Serene and Secure!

Redefine betrayal. Shed the shame and blame of your betrayal stories and rewrite them to empower yourself. Dates TBD.


erased path through roads

Planifesting – Plan To Manifest and Manifest Your Plan

Do you have a plan? Do you know how to manifest it? This is for you!  Learn strategies, visual cues, and other techniques to make it easy to have what you envision. Dates TBD.


The Joys of Failure – Celebrate your failures — they show just how close you are to succeeding.

Failures are worth celebrating. How else can you know if you’re close to succeeding? Learn to see your failures in a different light and seek them out as validation! Dates TBD.


Watch Your Mouth Your Subconscious Is Listening – What do you say when you talk to yourself? How can you still that “Neener Neener Machine” that lives in your head. (Psst, you installed it, you can turn it off) Dates TBD.

Opportunity’s Knocking, Open the Damned Door! – We all know how good it is to give, but we’ve never learned how to receive. It’s all about feeling worthy and deserving. Dates TBD.

How Do I Love Me – Let Me Count My Ways – you have to fall in love with yourself first! Dates TBD.

* Pay From The Heart

If this program feels like it will serve you well, then the appropriate exchange will occur to you. Here are a couple of guidelines that I hope will clarify.

My intent, that it be available to as many as possible, means I set a modest threshold — a minimum investment of $299 for most of the workshops. (If this level causes hardship or you are at a place without room for extras, or you wish to propose some other option, please contact me directly.)

The basic suggested fee is $350. If you have the wherewithal, $500 or more helps to offset my costs and will support me in serving those who are challenged to afford even the modest minimum fees.

The link to join will be sent when I receive your notice of payment.

Please make sure I have your current email address so you will receive the recording after our session, along with some of my notes, and other follow-ups from our meeting.

If the options presented for payment still do not work for you, email me and I am sure we can work something out.


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