Living A Created Life Program

Living A Created Life is my primary program. It’s based on my book, Disconnect Your Oughta Pilot and is a system you can use to move forward through confusion and reinflate those dreams you’ve let go. Going through the steps below allows you to reclaim the Self you’ve put aside for whatever reason ( j.o.b./career) children to raise, relationships, parental pressure, etc.). Move from surviving to thriving, step into your Power, rekindle Your Passion and open yourself to Possibility.

The pieces all fit together and, although I recommend you work in order, you can come in anywhere in the wheel.

  1. Living on Oughta Pilot – Rediscovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self
  2. Watch Your Mouth, Your Subconscious Is Listening – What do you say when you talk to yourself?
  3. Shake Your Meaning Maker – Things happen. What do you make them mean?
  4. The Joys of Failure (or the Fine Art of Falling On Your Face) – How do you deal with failure? Wall or springboard?
  5. FOCUS On Your Vision – 5 steps to clarify your vision
  6. Re-Envisioning Your Life -How do you really want your life to unfold?
  7. Starting over when you’ve lost it all – What do you do first when you’re out of everything? How do you rebuild from nothing?
  8. Recognizing Upportunities – Where are there choices to be made that elevate your dreams?
  9. Planifesting Your Future – Plan to manifest and manifest your plan
1. Living On Oughta Pilot – Rediscovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self

Are you doing you or are you living on Oughta Pilot? Embracing the life you were born to live isn’t easy. It takes courage and a willingness to look at where you’ve given access to others to make decisions for you, tell you what you should be doing and set your path to fulfill their goals.

Together let’s look at reawakening, re-envisioning, re-inventing and reclaiming your Authentic Self.

2. Watch Your Mouth, your subconscious is Listening

Your internal dialog can make or break you. We all have a personal DJ spinning old scratchy records we can’t help but listen to. Discovering the library where all those tapes and records are kept is half the battle.

3. Shake Your Meaning Maker

What did they mean by that? What’s it all mean? It’s gotta mean something…..

These are all statements we hear all the time. Human beings are Meaning Making Machines. If nobody gives us a meaning for an event in our lives, we make one up! And, since  the meaning we give to the event becomes so entrenched in our minds that we can’t remember that we made it up in the first place, we feel powerless to change it and it becomes dogmatic.

Human beings are compelled to find meaning in their lives. We can’t help it, everything means something. Most of it is story. You made it up. You can change it. I’ll work with you to discover what meanings you’ve created for life events, even traumas, and provide a transition to a new story.

Sh—tuff happens. But how we interpret it is up to us. It is your Passed. They are memories. They don’t have to keep triggering emotional reactions.

4. The Joys of Failure (or the Fine Art of Falling On Your Face)

Ever wish you could have a “do over”? Think you’ll never amount to much considering what your life has been so far?

When you can learn to take a failure as only a bump in the road, not as a wall to stop you, then you can begin to celebrate them. If you wind up falling on your rear, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. Keeping your focus on your dream, your vision, living it, tasting it, immersing yourself in it 1000%, draws that dream to you.

With this pathway, you will learn just what true failure is, how to release guilt over perceived imperfections and not only accept your failures, but celebrate them and look forward to more! (Yes, you read correctly. You can and will celebrate your failures.)

5. FOCUS On Your Vision

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6. Re-Envisioning Your Life

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7. Starting over when you’ve lost it all

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8. Recognizing Upportunities

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9. Planifesting Your Future

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