Color By Numbers


Do you feel like you’re in a BLUE funk or just PEACHY?? Been feeling a little GREEN around the gills lately? Or are you feeling mellow YELLOW or in the PINK?

I am also a Color Energy Lightworker and have been most of my life. I use these talents for discernment, healing and discovery.

My Color By Numbers analysis starts with your birth name and birth date. It gives the rainbow you were born into. Then we take the name you are going by now and we see if that’s the best expression for you.

Have you ever noticed how colors are such an integrated part of our lives and our vocabulary? We all know what it feels like to see red when we’re angry, and we talk about feeling blue when things are not going the way we want them to.We were all born into a specific energy vibration. That vibration is expressed as a color. What colors you express and what you’re drawn to can affect your success or failure.

Wherever you are on your personal rainbow, come and find out what color you REALLY are. Colors all have a vibrational energy to them and have a profound effect on how we function. Prisons are painting walls pink, markets are going green. Do you even notice when the colors change in your environment? How can you optimize your world to your benefit? Did you know you can draw on color to amplify or dampen the energy in a situation?

Using a combination of numerology and color analysis, determine what colors affect your world and your attitudes, your choices and your life.

I have been doing numerological color analysis for over 20 years and can provide you with insight on which color rays or vibratory frequencies are most beneficial and which ones rob you of your effectiveness.

From wardrobe to environment, adding or toning the colors around you will augment who you’ve chosen to be and what you’ve chosen to do.

Get just the report or the whole package.

Cost for the analysis and report is $40

What Do I Need To Do?

Once you have sent your payment, you’ll receive a simple form to fill out asking for your name at birth, date of birth and the name you’re going by now. If you want a report for your business, I’ll need name of the business and the start date.

Why Does It Work?

In the total name of the individual, as given at birth, we have an indication of the basic qualities of character in that person. (Expression)

The vowels give us the motivating factor for a person to perform certain tasks, to live in a definite manner, to be the kind of person they are. (Inner Urge)

Apart from the expression and the inner urge of the individual, we also analyze the individual when he/she is alone, without the need to excel, to compete to present himself/herself to others. This characteristic shows the person at rest, the daydreaming qualities of the person. (Latent Self)

The birthdate shows not only the life path or destiny for the person, it also shows the lessons and areas needing attention. (Environment)

Each color ray has specific attributes that can help or hinder us as we move through the rainbow. The more we know about what affects us, the more we can either go with the flow or correct our course.

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