CBN Complete

Complete Package Includes:

1. Complete personal numerological color analysis

Taking your birth name and date of birth, I will create a complete analysis for you that will disclose the basic qualities of your character (Expression), what motivates you to perform certain tasks, to live in a definite manner, to be the kind of person you are (Inner Urge), who you are alone, at rest; your daydreaming qualities (Latent Self) and lessons and areas needing attention (Environment).

2. Wardrobe Evaluation

How people see you is as important as how you see yourself. Does your wardrobe reflect or deflect your power colors? Need help shopping for components? We can help there, too **

3. Environmental Evaluation

Does your environment support your power colors? How can you keep those colors that call you to your destiny at hand? Are there aspects we can emphasize in your Sacred Space? Are there things we should remove from your surroundings to open up space for growth?

4. Color By Numbers Swatchbook

Something you can carry with you when shopping/creating. Personal palettes created just for your needs.

COST: $899***

Complete business numerological color analysis*

I’ve been doing these analyses for over 20 years and have lately discovered a link using these tools for business as well as personal success. You will receive a bound copy of your custom report to refer to for years to come.

Taking the business name and founding date, I will apply the same tools as in the personal analysis to your business endeavors.

COST: $75*

* Logo evaluation available for additional fee.

** Personal Shopper services at additional fee.

*** Payment Plans available, Discount for payment in full. Contact me for special pricing.

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