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Let me say first that my color work is not related to the phenomenon known as an aura. Colorisity is a system of color ray attributes I developed out of my own gifts. I was born with a form of synesthesia (sort of a sideways turn when sensory input comes into the brain) that allows me to feel people as a color. The color is not an aura or related to chakras. It’s innovative and unique and I’ve spent 60 years studying it. What I feel is like a cool mist overtaking me but I feel colors not temperature.

Where does it come from? 

Honestly, I have no idea for sure, I’ve always been this way, but between 11 and 12, I had a dream that put this all in a container. I have been studying the phenomenon as best I can. There are no others who share my ability that I have been able to find.

What my studies have taught me is that there are a number of “bodies” that all life on this planet have. See the link below about the Human Energy Field. What I have been given to understand, though, is that there are at least 2 more “bodies” beyond the 5 mentioned in the article, including the sound and the color bodies.

The Sound Body is what resonates with sounds like drumming, tuning fork or crystal bowl frequencies and the Color Body resonates with the color ray frequencies. My work comes from the Color Body.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a people-watcher. Human beings are so fascinating. I observed that the people who occurred for me as a specific color, say blue, all had the same attributes and behaviors. The same with green, yellow, red, etc. I’ve taken all that information and created my Colorisity system.

I didn’t have a true “container” or a way to work with what I had until I read a book in the early 80’s by Frank Don that added the numerological element to discerning the color ray effects. I have taken his framework and massaged it into a mathematical algorithm matrix that has proven to be surprisingly accurate.


colorisity-analysis-logoWhat I do with Colorisity offerings is loosely based on numerology. Each of the 9 colors I use has a number assigned to it that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. I use a mathematical algorithm to determine what color corresponds to your environment, your expression, motivation and secret self. I use your birthname and your birth date to determine the color rays that you were born under and the name you currently use to determine which ones are affecting you now.

Have you ever noticed how colors are such an integrated part of our lives and our vocabulary? We all know what it feels like to see red when we’re angry, and we talk about feeling blue when things are not going the way we want them to.We were all born into a specific energy vibration. That vibration is expressed as a color. What colors you express and what you’re drawn to can affect your success or failure.

Two Options

I offer two options for the Colorisity Reports. The Natal Chart shows the colors in play at the time of your birth. This report will explain how you show up in the world (Expression), what motivates you when you’re faced with a choice (Inner Urge), who you are when you’re alone, without the need to be “on” (Secret Self) and what influences surround you as well as the lessons you’re here to learn (Environment).

The Full Report includes the Natal Chart and goes on to include the rays that are influencing now, using your current name, the one you use every day.

Wherever you are on your personal rainbow, come and find out what color you REALLY are. Colors all have a vibrational energy to them and have a profound effect on how we function. Prisons are painting walls pink, markets are going green. Do you even notice when the colors change in your environment? How can you optimize your world to your benefit? Did you know you can draw on color to amplify or dampen the energy in a situation?

Colors all have a vibrational energy to them and have a profound effect on how we function. As Energy Beings, we all manifest a color spectrum that some can see. For me, this is different than an aura, it is a sensation of a wash of color from an individual.

Renewing, resetting and brightening those colors can result in a feeling of enlivened energy, renewed purpose and rekindled interests.

The Colorisity Analysis provides four things:

  1.  Your Expression or basic qualities at birth and currently. This is who you are to others.
  2. Your Motivation to live in a specific manner, and be the kind of person you are underlies everything you do, think and say. This is your “go-to” instinctual response when faced with a crossroads.
  3. Your Secret Self or who you are when you’re alone, without the need to excel, to compete to present yourself to others.
  4. Your Environment shows not only your life path or destiny but  also shows lessons and areas needing attention.

Each of the colors has attributes and the corresponding results are really interesting. Once I can see your Personal Rainbow, I do an intuitive analysis based on the results.

So, what does that do for you?

You can:

  • Get crystal clear on your strengths and natural abilities to create/clarify your ideal career or business path
  • Discover hidden strengths and gain new understanding of how to tap into them to create the life you want
  • Learn to use your Personal Power Palette to get clear, stay clear, be inspired and take action to live your Created Life with power, passion and possibility.


We all have a Personal Power Palette (P3) that we rely on whether we’re conscious of it or not. It includes our favorite colors, the ones we use and the ones we hate. The Power Palette is different for each person and has several parts to it: your natal color influences (which color(s) are missing, influential and/or currently in action from the color charts), your current color influences based on the name you use every day, and a conscious choice to use the attributes of a particular color to create a desired outcome.

Amplify, Modulate and Dampen

The P3 also has Amplify, Modulate and Dampen aspects which you can use to modify interactions in various scenarios. Once you know what your P3 is, you can use it to increase confidence and effectiveness. Take control, put others at ease, excite them and enroll them in your ideas, or be just an observer; using the Power Palette allows you to choose how you interact with others. The P3 can be used for wardrobe choices or environment (think feng shui but with color).

P3 In Business

The P3 can also be an effective tool in business communications and branding. Everyone is sensitive to color frequencies and it’s usually on a subliminal level where the affect is not conscious yet still effective. How do you FEEL when you see an ad with a lot of red or a lot of blue? Is it the same or do you react differently to either one? How cool would it be if you could elicit a desired response in your audience by using your P3?

The Personal Power Palette is an integral part of the Colorisity System.


Taking the attributes of the Colorisity system, I have also developed a color card oracle deck with which it’s possible to do readings which I do at Metaphysical Faires and other events. It is a deck of 84 cards, 9 colors, 9 avatars and 3 power cards. Each card can also be used as a daily card pull for meditation or a journal prompt. They come with a booklet to get you started with what each color/avatar means and I will be publishing a more in depth companion book next year.


I have been working with color and energy for as long as I can remember. I just never realized it was a thing and everybody couldn’t and didn’t experience the world the way I do until about 8 years ago. As I said, I  perceive people as colors; almost like the scent of a perfume that surrounds them. I cannot see auras, I have tried, but what I see corresponds to my Colorisity system I have developed. SpectraSurge™ is my own process.

Linking colors to numerical attributes was a concept originally studied by Alice Brown in the early 1900s and expanded upon by Frank L. Don who inspired me to dive more deeply into my intuitive gift and develop the colorwork into what it is today. It is also integral to the Dinsha Health Society, of which I am a member.


When clients come to me, first we work our way through the 9 colors I use, interactively exploring feelings, sensation and memories that come up as we concentrate on each. Sometimes as the color rays are activated, memories long buried return and using the tools from my Betrayal to Badass Toolkit, we can integrate them and heal them.


Sometimes, what we think is at the root of our problems is only the scab over the real wound. My work can soften and sometimes even remove that scab allowing deeper healing to occur. My clients tell me they feel lighter or brighter after sessions.


I have several offerings to select from:

  • Colorisity Healing Session
  • Colorisity Analysis and Report
  • Colorisity Natal Charts
  • ColorScopes Daily and Weekly Forecasts
  • Colorisity Color Cards Oracle Deck


I take you through the color energies to engender new clarity about your life, your relationships and your desires. You will experience a different state of being as you work through the the stories you have created that hold you back to integrate and possibly release those stories.


There are a number of studies that posit color frequency has an impact on brain and body function. In studies, colors have been shown to change alpha brain waves. According to EEG and pulse measuring systems, men and women react differently to colors. When color is transmitted from the eye to the brain, the brain releases a hormone affecting the emotions, mind clarity and energy levels.

There is also a correspondence between frequencies and physical responses. That is why prisons are painting their walls pink, why some public offices that are in basements have orange walls and markets are going green.

Colors all have a vibrational energy to them and have a profound effect on how we function. Do you even notice when the colors change in your environment? How can you optimize your world to your benefit? Did you know you can draw on color to amplify or dampen the energy in a situation?

There’s also a fascinating article on Whether Color Really Affects Your Brain on another site for your further interest.

If you’d like your own analysis  or a card reading, they’re available through my shop on this site. For a Personal Power Palette, contact me for more information.


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