Walking the Betrayal to Badass Path

 We’re all human, we’re all wounded. It’s what we do with the scar tissue that matters.


betrayal (noun)

be.tray.al    plural betrayals

1. The act of betraying someone or something or the fact of being betrayed: violation of a person’s trust or confidence, of a moral standard, etc.


Physical (illness, self-image, damage to something cherished)

Career (being passed over for promotion, layoffs, toxic workplaces)

Self (not fulfilling a goal, shoulds, Oughta Pilots*)

2. Revelation of something hidden or secret

A betrayal of one’s true feelings

 Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or out of control in your life? You’re not alone, and betrayal might be at the heart of your struggles. Many women, especially in the 40-70 age range, find themselves just going through the motions, feeling exhausted, unfulfilled, and unhappy.

Imagine a life where you wake up excited every day, feeling confident, fulfilled, and in control. It might seem daunting now, but change is possible.

Introducing “The Betrayal to Badass Path” – a comprehensive four-month course designed to help you rediscover yourself, shift your mindset, take ownership of your life, and embrace the idea that everything you do is okay. This program, born out of my own journey of recovery and self-discovery, comprises three key segments: The Toolkit, The Foundation, and The Launchpad.

Through nine Stepping Stones, each lasting six weeks with an additional 90-day follow-up period, you will learn to live a Created Life, build a sturdy foundation for change, and confidently introduce the new, empowered you to the world.

Your journey includes weekly Zoom calls, 1:1 sessions at the end of each module, interactive exercises, personalized feedback, a physical copy of my book “Disconnect Your Oughta Pilot,” and discounts on products from my store.

Guided by my experience and wisdom, you will learn to silence the “shoulds” and “ought-to’s” and step forward into a life of choice and empowerment. My programs are tailored to your goals, your journey, and your desired outcome.

So if you’re ready to take the first step towards reclaiming your life, let’s start this journey together. Remember, change is not only possible; it’s within reach. Let’s embark on this path to empowerment and transformation together!

Each module in the Path is designed to bring a specific result. They’re designed to build on each other so I recommend they be taken in order, but it is not necessary.

The 9 Modules

Each module in the Path is designed to bring a specific result. They’re designed to build on each other so I recommend they be taken in order.

Module T1: Who Are You Really?

Rediscovering and Embracing Your Authentic Self.

Are you doing you or are your living on Oughta Pilot? Embracing the life you were born to live isn’t easy. It takes courage and a willingness to look at where you’ve given access to others to make decisions for you, tell you what you should be doing and set your path to fulfill their goals.

Together we look at reawakening, re-visioning and reclaiming your Authentic Self.

Part 1 – Toolkit

Module T2: Watch Your mouth, your subconscious is listening

Your internal dialog can make or break you. We all have a personal DJ spinning old scratchy records and tapes we can’t help but listen to. Getting deep into our media library is half the battle. Once there, though, you can fire your DJ and get back in touch with your Original Song; the one only you can sing and the one you are here to contribute to the chorus of humanity.

Part 2 –  Toolkit

Module T3: Shake your meaning maker

What did they mean by that? What does it all mean? It’s gotta mean something…

These are all statements we hear all the time. Human beings are Meaning Making Machines. If nobody gives us a meaning for something that happens, we make one up! And, since the meaning we give to the event becomes so embedded in our minds, we can’t remember we made it up in the first place. So, we feel powerless to change it and the meaning becomes dogmatic.

Human beings are compelled to find meaning in their lives. We can’t help it: everything means something. Most of it is story. You made it up. You can change it. I’ll work with yu to discoveer what meanings you’ve created for the events, even traumas, and provide a transition to a new story.

Sh-tuff happens. But how we interpret it is up to us. It is your passed/past. They are memories. They don’t have to keep triggering emotional reactions.

Part 3 – Toolkit

Module T4: The joys of failure

Or the fine art of falling on your face.

Ever wish you could have a do-over? Think you’ll never amount to much considering what yur life has been so far?

When you can learn to see failures as only a bump in the road instead of a wall to stop you, then you can begin to celebrate them. If you wind up falling on your ass, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. Keeping your focus on your dream, your vision, living it, tasting it, immersing yourself in it

Part 4 – Create Your Life Toolkit

Module F1: FOCUs on your vision

There are several pieces to FOCUS

  1. Fierce devotion
  2. Optimizing YOUR time and resources
  3. Creating new possibilities
  4. Understanding what it is you want
  5. Seeing the goal before it happens

Goals are good things, but are they achievable. We’ll look at that as we design them together. .

Part 1 – Foundation – Using the Toolkit

Module F2: Betrayal to badass - your life on your terms

You can recover from the pain and leftover effects of having been betrayed by yourself, but it is easier and faster to do it in a safe environment with someone who knows how it feels to have trust violated and holds your Trust as a sacred charter, knows what it takes to resolve issues and knows what pitfalls can be waiting.

Working with me, you can let down your guard, relax your vigilance and take the time and space you need to heal, nourish, and begin anew. I will hold the Space, I will hold your Trust inviolate and true.

Being a BADASS is a good thing. First, it means you do and want things your way with Power, Passion and Possibility and make no apologies for it.

When you feel powerful, you act with more confidence, less fear and more joy. When you are passionate about your lives and your beloveds, you live with more energy, embracing and attracting those things you desire. When you are present to possibility, the sky is the limit and you are unstoppable in their pursuit of what they desire.

Become a BADASS – be

Serene and

Part 2 – Foundation – Using the Toolkit

Module F3: Re-Visioning Your Life

Where do we go from here? Yes, there are wounds, yes, unresolved issues, yes, sticking points and hesitations. But together they make you who and what you are in this moment. There is no someday, no yesterday or even “later”. All we have is now, and now, and NOW!

In this moment, wherever we are, whatever we have as history, you can determine what you do with it. We are all wounded, we are all human, it’s what we do with the scar tissue that matters!

Part 3 – Foundation – Using the Toolkit

Module L1: Recognizing Upportunities - opportunities for growth

Opportunity and Possibility is everywhere. How do you identify the ones you want to take advantage of? What are the parameters you want to set? And how do you keep track of the ones you’ve picked. Just like flowers in a bouquet, you need a container to hold them within so they  can continue to be visible, healthy and lush. We create one here.

Part 1 –  Launchpad – Moving On Out

Module L2: Planifesting - planning to manifest

Planning to manifest and manifesting your dream is one of the ultimate challenges for Dreamers. We will go through the steps, options and alternatives to planning structures and create one that works for you. We’ll also be talking about ways to introduce your personal community to the new you!

Part 2 –  Launchpad – Moving On Out

No more someday… Now is NOW

Price of the Program is as follows:

Toolkit – US$1299

Foundation – US$997

Launchpad – US$997

Total cost if taken individually – US$3293

Total Program – US$3000 – Make a one time payment and save an additional 30%


Deep Soul Dive Discovery Session – $75*

Ongoing Coaching – $125/hr**

* All segments within the modules include a complimentary 1:1 Live Soul Dive Session (60 min). If more sessions are desired, first support call will be $75 and others at the ongoing coaching rate**

**Rollup – If you choose to sign up for a larger commitment within 10 days of completing any of my programs, 25% of the fee paid will be applied to the next program.


As always, if anything sparks the need for a conversation, please reach out to me.


Strategies For Living A Created Life


I started Created Life Strategies in 2004, originally to help others who had survived a devastating loss pick up the pieces and create their own life out of the shards at their feet.  My first program was taken from my book, Disconnect Your Oughta Pilot. From there, the work evolved to where it is now.

The work is personal, proven and experiential.

I use my firsthand knowledge of what it takes to start over, how hard it is to see what is available and how much intestinal fortitude and soul searching it takes to just begin,

When you give up your voices, your dreams, and your belief you can manifest miracles you become frustrated, angry, and depressed. My work is a way out of the darkness to reclamation, reinvention and release.

We are all human, we are all wounded, it’s what we do with our scar tissue that matters.

When you are Bodacious, Assertive, Determined, Approachable, Serene and Secure, you can lead a Created Life of Power, Passion and Possibility.

Personal Healing

On a personal level, when you can be present to what is available by living Created Lives, you can step into your Power, rekindle your Passion and open yourself to Possibility. You will be able to let go of your passed (yes, I said passed) and design your future on your terms and live the life you were born to live, not the one you’ve been told to live.


I have lived what I teach. I stand as proof my process works.

I offer my foibles, my missteps, and my failures to help you see just what it takes and that the Work has developed from trial and error. Living a Created Life isn’t easy. It takes work and it takes courage. It can be done and I can show you how.


I use exercises to gain new clarity,  separate the facts from the stories, and show you how to say what you want and have others hear you. You will experience a different state of being as you work through the things that you’ve discovered hold you back. We’ll do it together in a safe space.

World Healing

In the grand scheme of things, if more people are present to what is available by living created lives of power, passion and possibility, there is an acknowledgment of responsibility for ourselves by taking responsibility for others. The violence of hatred and ideological warfare can be given up in favor of dialog and empathy.


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