DeBorah Beatty and Created Life Strategies
I work with warrior women who have walked through the fires of hell and emerged naked and hungry for their own destiny. My Bodacious Badasses are women who are survivors, having experienced betrayal, loss and disappointment but are determined not to let their passed/past stop them from living Created Lives of Power, Passion and Possibility. They just don't know where to start.
Colorisity Color Energy Work
Live Your Rainbow - get to know your Secret Self. Find out more about how it works.
The Betrayal to Badass Path
My signature 9 month program provides tools to shed the shame and blame of betrayal stories and allows you to shine forth
Workshops and Retreats
I offer intensives on many phases of my Betrayal to Badass Path.
Hi! My name is DeBorah
I am a life coach, color mystic and so much more!
I am a Renaissance Woman, a multipotentialite who has experience in every field from Agribusiness to Zen Studio Design! I’m a musician, an artist, a writer, an entrepreneur, a jewelry maker, a master dyer, a voracious reader and researcher and a color energy worker. I take all this goodness, swirl it together and use it to coach others and guide them towards their own Created Lives. I call myself a Life Docent as opposed to a Life Coach because in my practice, I am more of a tour guide for my clients than someone telling them what to do. I illuminate the twists and turns of their lives showing them the blessings in the betrayals, the fun in their failures and the power, passion and possibility that’s available to everyone.

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