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by | Dec 21, 2023 | Color Energy, Colorisity

ColorScope for 2024

2024 will be a ROSE year. Bringing a softening and a spiritual wisdom to the year. This is the time to look at what you have in place for both self care and care for others in your community. Where can you amplify the intensity, where do you need to back it off? Where have you put yourself first in relationships? Can that be softened? Mostly, the year will be about taking a beat to ensure what you are about to do is not done with brute force or primal energies.

The word for 2024 is ALLOW.

As the higher octave of Red, Rose has a lot of attributes of the Red ray, but softened by experience. Rose also lies beyond the violet end of the spectrum and has in it a greater understanding of the life process. The eighth color manifests not solely as brute force or physical energy, but as a driving force directed along disciplined lines.  The awareness of the life process combines with physical energy and leads you to turning visions into realities.

The purpose of this color is to harmoniously blend spiritual understanding with physical manifestation. Rose can bring the ethereal and spiritual into physical form.  You harbor few illusions, for you’ve gone through the entire octave to reach this level and understand the life conditions under which you must work.

You function as a guide for mankind. On the positive arc you can control your own moods and opinions and work in cooperation with others for the benefit of all.  Understanding human psychology, you appreciate the emotions of others and work with the abilities of each individual to bring out optimum potential. You judge impartially, arbitrate between factions, and direct the construction of the dreams of others.  As an administrator, you work without prejudice and are a vast storehouse of knowledge. Growth and progress are important to you, and your ability to balance opposing forces leads to acceptance and respect.

The blending of physical drive and spiritual knowledge motivates you to accomplishment, and most satisfying are those benefiting humanity. In your understanding of the life process, you recognize the unity of all the components of existence. You are often involved in large-scale operations as you have the breadth of vision to see all the factors in a situation and to synthesize them into a working relationship to arrive at a goal. You seek material perfection as a prerequisite to spiritual development.

Although there are times when you seem exacting or demanding, on a positive arc you rarely spare yourself and expect only as much from others as you are willing to do yourself.  As if fulfillment of this internal driving force results from exertion and accomplishment, you need to achieve. Self-reliant and dependable, you see failure as a figment of other people’s imaginations. While you may use people to attain a goal you envision, you constantly strive to assist others in perfecting their own expression. You give your all to attain your purpose.

While you may seem unemotional and demanding, much of your driving force comes from your deep compassion for humanity. Your purpose is to help others. You display loving affection and friendliness, yet these feelings often must take a back seat, for your life is filled by your desire to attain, to achieve, and to materialize the dreams of the world. It is often difficult to get close to you. Pleasant, friendly get-togethers are fine for others, but are too often considered an indulgence. Such an attitude can lead to isolation and loneliness.

On a negative arc, the desire to serve humanity can become lost to a totally physical functioning, where spiritual understanding is forgotten. The need for security then becomes paramount and drives you to control, to dominate, to command. You can become impatient and intolerant. With material aspects emphasized, you become lost in exploitation and accumulation. You strain to attain and lose balance.

Ways to enhance the Rose Influence:

  • Wear pink, rose and magenta
  • Consume foods that are pink, rose and magenta like Grapefruit, red cabbage, strawberries, rhubarb, beetroot, or radicchio
  • Add pink, rose and/or magenta to your space with throw pillows, throws, etc.

Ways to tamp down the Rose Influence:

  • Wear tones of green
  • Consume foods that are green in all shades, or add something green to a smoothie
  • Bring in something in a green tone to your Sacred Space.

I hope 2024 is a wonderful year for all of you. I wish you joy, prosperity and delicious adventures.


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