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by | Dec 20, 2021 | Color Energy, Personal, Starting Over

Do you feel like you’re in a BLUE funk or just PEACHY??  Been feeling a little GREEN around the gills lately? Or are you feeling mellow YELLOW or in the PINK?

First in a series.

I’m doing it! I’m stepping out from behind the curtains to let you know I am a Color Mystic. Yup. I work with color energies to relate to, understand and support the people I work with. I offer SpectraSurge Healing sessions, as well as readings from my SpectraCard Color Oracle Deck (soon to be renamed to Colorisity Color Cards).

That’s nice. So what, you say? What does that mean? I’m glad you asked.

I see colorful people

I’ve used my ability to “see” people as colors for as long as I can remember. I never said anything because until a couple of years ago, I thought everyone did. Imagine my surprise when I found out that most people do not! Now, this is not to say I see auras or energy fields, I don’t. I’ve tried and just can’t seem to do it. When I say I see people as color, it’s almost a form of synesthesia, which is  when you hear music, but you see shapes. Or you hear a word or a name and instantly see a color.

Synesthesia is a fancy name for when you experience one of your senses through another. It translates to “perceive together.” Basically, my wires are crossed somewhere so that when I meet a person, what I am present to is a wash of feeling that manifests in my brain as a particular color.

I have a friend I used to work with that, for me, is a beautiful, clear turquoise blue like a Swiss Blue topaz. I haven’t seen him in over 10 years, but I still get trills of this color when I need to call him or check in with him. I haven’t been off the mark yet.

It’s really a thing!

Deeper study into this ability of mine has led me to creating a standalone system for use in my coaching practice as well as my daily interactions with people in general. I’m now ready to share the basics with others and even am considering a credentialing process for other coaches who would like to add to their intake processes.

The key to it all

Where it starts, for those who are not synesthetes (people who have synesthesia) is with a Colorsity Analysis. With this mathematical algorithm I developed, it is possible to determine the color rays influencing us at birth and now. The rays’ influences do change when you change your name as most of us do as we grow up. We drop a middle name, start using a middle name, get married and change our names, or for some, get adopted or change our name for any other reason.

In my Colorisity Analysis Report, I take your full name at birth, full name you’re using now (if it is different from the birth name in any way) and your birthdate to figure out the influences. Let me provide an example.

New word – let’s use it in a sentence

My birthname is DeBorah Maureen Eaton. I now go by DeBorah Beatty. As my natal self (the birthname) my Expression or basic quality was Blue. My Inner Urge or motivating factor was Orange+ or a Power Orange. When no one was looking, and I was true to my deepest self, I was Yellow. (More about these in a bit.)

As DeBorah Beatty, all three of these are Gold. My environment, which never changes, based on my birthdate is also Gold.

Ok, good, you say. What does that mean?

Blue, in a nutshell, is Communication, clarity of message, responsibility, dedication and is soothing to the nerves. What that means is that I was born to communicate, to be clear, to be dedicated to my vision (and there have been many I have thrown my heart after in my life). Even today, my daughter loves to refer to me as a Walking Ted Talk. I can’t help myself, once I get started on a topic, I love to discuss it with folks.

Orange or Power Orange in my case (meaning the numbers come out to an 11 which is a numerological power number) is the awakening of reason, balance, the awakening of intellect and hunger for external knowledge. It is that balance point between physicality of Red and the creativity and daydreaming of Yellow. Orange has a drive for balance unparalleled in any of the other colors.

Yellow is awakening intellect and reason, daydreaming, constantly thinking up new things. “What if” instead of “What is”, and loving constant change.

So in my natal state, under influence of blue, orange and yellow, I was and continue to be under everything, someone who is a natural communicator, driven to seek, create and maintain balance in all  things and a creative dreamer.

Now, at this stage in my life, everything has turned to Gold.

Gold is the higher octave of Orange and is a completion/beginning of cycles, an awareness of my role in the grand play of life and a master teacher. This is where the journey ends and a new one begins. Always the circle, always in balance, having a beginning and an end but beginning again.

This is just me and just the highlights. The report goes into much more detail and usually comes out at about 20 pages just chock full of surprises and insights. If you want one for yourself, you can order yours here.

Watch for more on how to use the Colorisity method. This is frst in a series.



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